Smoothies and Juices

No Ice, No Sugar, No Syrups, Non GMO and Dairy Free

Just Real Organic Fruit and Veggies

Our smoothie base is a non dairy
probiotic called Water Kefir


Green Kicker Smoothie: Apple, Banana, Ginger and Kale


Dog Mountain             Juice:            Beets, Carrots, Apple and Ginger

Tsusiat Falls       Juice:             Lemon, Orange, Apple, Ginger and Cayenne

Original Smoothie:  Apple, Banana, Raspberry and Blueberry


Evergreens              Juice:             Kale, Parsley, Cucumber and Celery (Apple optional)

Seymour Sunrise Juice:          Orange and Carrot

Summer Dream Smoothie: Strawberry and Banana

Bango Bliss Smoothie:  Mango and Banana