Who Are We?

 Owner and Founder: Katalin Mendly Zambo  (Mama Zambo)

Owner: Katalin Zambo
Owner: Katalin Zambo

Katalin, or Mama Z, (yes she is Hungarian) is the heart and soul of this company and can be best described as having a heart of gold. Her only aim in this world is to encourage people to feel their best through healthy living including good nutrition and plenty of exercise. In fact, at the age of 65, she began to play ice hockey, proving over and over again that anything is possible! She has spent the last 30 years serving the community  and has gained invaluable experience and knowledge, the accumulation of which is at the disposal of all her customers. Mama is now selling her cards on Etsy 

Mama Z playing Ice Hockey at age 65!
Mama Z playing
       Ice Hockey at age 65!

 Owner: Kat Zambo (Kat Jr. Yes they have the same name)

Kat is a die-hard hiker and hockey player. She grew up in North Vancouver hiking in the forests surrounding their home. If she’s not at the shop she’s on a mountain or at the rink.

“Hiking teaches you that every step no matter how small, make a difference in getting you to the top. You just have to keep going” says Kat, for who no hike is too long or too steep. If she had to pick, her favorite hike would be Mt. Harvey.

Kat is a big believer of getting you out of your comfort zone. She sees the potential in everyone and pushes them to do their best and to be their greatest.